Masjid Nomaan Abbas Khawaja


Due to a significant rise in number of CoVid-19 cases in Illinois, everybody's safety is of paramount importance, as an abundant of caution, Masjid will be closed for 5 Daily Prayers and Jummah Prayer until further notice. 

Notice Date: 11/12/2020

Iqama Times







Following rules will need to be strictly followed:

-  Wearing a mask and socks are mandatory while in the Masjid

- Please perform Wudu at home. Bathrooms at the Masjid are closed 

- Masjid will be closed 10 minutes after Fard Prayers, pray your sunnah at home.

- Please do not come to the Masjid if you have a Fever, Soar Throat, Runny Nose, shortness of breath or any other symptoms.

- There will be no gathering inside or outside of the Masjid

- Bring your own prayer rug.

- Maintain Social distancing while in the Masjid

- Absolutely no talking in the prayer Hall

- No one will be allowed to enter the Masjid without a mask