Masjid Nomaan Abbas Khawaja


Masjid Noman Abbas Khawaja will open its premises on first of Ramadan on the 12th of April, 2021 At Isha time Followed by Travee led by Hafiz

Mohammad Ali.

Insha Allah

Iqama Times

Fajr:  4:30
Duhr: 1:30
Asr: 6:15
Maghrib: Sunset
Isha: 10:15

Jumah: 1:15

Following rules will need to be strictly followed:

Due to limited space in the Masjid Women are requested to Pray at home.

-  Wearing a mask and socks are mandatory while in the Masjid

- Please perform Wudu at home. Bathrooms at the Masjid are closed 

- Masjid will be closed 10 minutes after Fard Prayers, pray your sunnah at home.

- Please do not come to the Masjid if you have a Fever, Soar Throat, Runny Nose, shortness of breath or any other symptoms.

- There will be no gathering inside or outside of the Masjid

- Bring your own prayer rug.

- Maintain Social distancing while in the Masjid

- Absolutely no talking in the prayer Hall

- No one will be allowed to enter the Masjid without a mask