Masjid Nomaan Abbas Khawaja


RAMADAN 2020 Mubarak

1st of Ramadan 

Friday April 24th and 1st of Shawwal is Sunday May 24th

Insha Allah

Eid Mubarak

Insha Allah Sunday May 24th

Due to on going Pandemic and social distancing guidelines, Eid Prayers will NOT be held at Masjid Nomaan Abbas Khawaja.

Please Attach to Masajid offering Virtual Eid Prayers. 

As A valued member of our community, your health and safety remain our top priority. 

Unfortunately, due to growing pandemic, Masjid Nomaan Abbas Khawaja will be closed until further notice.

Masjid is not opening its premises for Eid on May 24th or anytime soon. The administration is monitoring the situation for all its patrons and will keep everybody informed of any changes. We are aware of how anxious everybody is to rejoin.

Let us be patient and very cautious as this pandemic is very worrisome.

Masjid Administration