The Fox Valley Muslim Community Center was established in 1995 by family of Dr. Abbas Khawaja in memory of their son, Nomaan Abbas Khawaja. Nomaan expressed his desire to build a Masjid for Muslim community of Aurora, IL to his mother during 1987 Hajj. He passed away at young age of 16 while attending Hajj.

Founding Members

  • Masjid President: Dr. Abbas Khawaja
  • Masjid Imam: Oussama Jamal
  • Masjid Secretary: Ardhe Hali
  • ​Site Engineer: Ahmad Idrees
  • Interior Design: Yasmeen Khawaja
  • Landscaping: Yasmeen Khawaja

Masjid Services:

  • Five daily prayers
  • Weekly Jumah prayers
  • Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan
  • Eid ul Fitr prayer and celebrations
  • Eid ul Adha prayer and celebrations 
  • Nikah services
  • Weekend Children Classes
  • Women Activities and Classes
  • Zakah and Sadqah Collection and Distribution for local community

Masjid Facilities:

  • Main Prayer Hall
  • Women Prayer Area
  • Car Parking Lot
  • Masjid Library
  • Meeting and Quiet Rooms
  • Wadu and Toilet areas
  • Full Basement for community activities